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Joke and Fictional Phobias


Joke and fictional phobias abound, but why? I thought long and hard before including this page. After all, would a page of cancer gags go down well? Probably not in all circles, that's for sure. 

Then I thought that

it certainly highlights the different social perception of phobias as being a funny condition. Having a phobia is no more humorous than having any number of other conditions, and laughing at people who have them is decidedly cruel, or at the very least ignorant of the suffering phobics endure.

These, however, are as much jokes of language and they do not identify individuals for ridicule. 

This also shows the willingness in popular culture to simply add "-phobia" to pretty much anything in an attempt to be funny, which it isn't.



So, if this page doesn't sit well with you, just click away now, and no harm will be done.

  • Aibohphobia – a joke term for the fear of palindromes, which is a palindrome itself. The term is a piece of computer humor entered into the 1981 The Devil's DP Dictionary.
  • Anachrophobia – fear of temporal displacement, from a Doctor Who novel by Jonathan Morris.
  • Anatidaephobia – the fictional fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. From Gary Larson's The Far Side.
  • Anoraknophobia – a portmanteau of "anorak" and "arachnophobia". Used in the Wallace and Gromit comic book Anoraknophobia. Also the title of an album by Marillion.
  • Arachibutyrophobia – fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. The word is used by Charles M. Schulz in a 1982 installment of his "Peanuts" comic strip and by Peter O'Donnell in his 1985 Modesty Blaise adventure novel Dead Man's Handle.

  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – fear of long words. Hippopoto- "big" due to its allusion to the Greek-derived word hippopotamus (though this is derived as hippo- "horse" compounded with potam-os"river", so originally meaning "river horse"; according to the Oxford English, "hippopotamine" has been construed as large since 1847, so this coinage is reasonable); -monstr- is from Latin words meaning "monstrous", -o- is a noun-compounding vowel; -sesquipedali- comes from "sesquipedalian" meaning a long word (literally "a foot and a half long" in Latin), -o- is a noun-compounding vowel, and -phobia means "fear". Note: This was mentioned on the first episode of Brainiac Series Five as one of Tickle's Teasers.

  • Keanuphobia – fear of Keanu Reeves, portrayed in the Dean Koontz book, False Memory, where a woman has an irrational fear of Keanu Reeves and has to see her psychiatrist, Mark Ahriman, each week. He calls her the "Keanuphobe" in his head.

  • Luposlipaphobia – fear of being pursued by timber wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a newly waxed floor, also from Gary Larson's The Far Side.

  • Nihilophobia – fear of nothingness (comes from the combination of the Latin word nihil which means nothing, none, and the suffix -phobia), as described by the Doctor in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Night. Voyager's morale officer and chef Neelix suffers from this condition, having panic attacks while the ship was traversing a dark expanse of space known as the Void. It is also the title of a 2008 album by Neuronium. Also, the animated version of George of the Jungle (2007 TV series) is seen suffering in one episode of the cartoon, where they are telling scary stories.

  • Venustraphobia – fear of beautiful women, according to a 1998 humorous article published by BBC News. The word is a portmanteau of "Venus trap" and "phobia". Venustraphobia is the title of a 2006 album by Casbah Club.

  • Monkeyphobia – fear of monkeys, as named by Lord Monkey Fist in the animated series Kim Possible. Due to spending a summer in a cabin with a crazy chimp mascot, Ron Stoppable has a fear of monkeys, which he gets over several times, usually during battles with Monkey Fist, who is essentially Ron's arch-nemesis.

  • Semaphobia – fear of average Web developers to use Semantic Web technologies.

  • Tickcapucapitiphobia – fear of having a tick head stuck in your body. Half rational, since tick heads do carry diseases.

    SOURCE: Wikipedia


12 Responses to "Joke and Fictional Phobias"

  1. Maria Giscombe says:

    You have noted very interesting points! ps decent website.

    • Aneudy says:

      I have this one really weird pihboa… when i’m in the shower, I can’t close my eyes. Really, I am so terrified to close my eyes, and then when I open them, have a spider hanging in my face, or a monster’s face up close, that I cannot do it. A picture of the scariest thing in the world will suddenly pop into my head when I’m rinsing my face, and I’ll jerk back, sputtering and coughing. It’s awful.xoxo,Jessica @

      • Ayudyah says:

        I rescue and have a 10 year old Shitzu Poodle mix that is teifirred of storms what I have found that works is disassociation. During a storm, confine the dog to a small area that you are in. Give it a special longer lasting bone or treat ball of sorts I put cream cheese and a couple little treats inside of a white hard bone and froze them. When it storms, take it out and give it to the dog. Do this the first couple of storms and the dog will start associating storms with a good thing instead of a bad thing. You won’t always have to give a treat, it will just break the behavior by training this way. I also gave the denta treats as well anything that would take a while to chew and something he views as a special treat. It took a few storms but he was trained after that. Now storms mean something good in his mind instead of the instablility in his body it would cause from fear. It’s worth a try. They love peanut butter kong filled treats just make sure it last a while during the storm and stay good boy or girl during the storm and the treat process. Hope this helps.

  2. Erlan says:

    i have Dysmorphophobia,? which is the fear of deformity. I cant stand eppole who have deformities, i dont hate them or think they are stupid or anything they just scare me. In one of my study halls my friend Phillip always crosses his arms and walks pigeon toad towards me saying my name in a weird voice and it makes me cringe. One he snuck up behind me and grabbed my arm and cried my name and i screamed and ran out into the hall. If i became deformed i would kill myself, no lie, its to scary

  3. Deacon Ricard says:

    Awesome blog. Awesome.

  4. Auth says:

    MoneybroTubeOctober 21, 2011 The first thing to do is to accept that there is an issue and that you do tend to erorveact to certain situations, news or people. Once you have accepted that you do panic at times you have actually come halfway in your attempts to deal with panic attacks. PS this is a great program

    • Silvester says:

      I have adopted saeervl dogs that have a fear of thunderstorms. They are better than the National Weather service in predicting if a storm will come over our house. In mild anxiety cases, going to the basement and having background noise like a fan, dehumidifier, or dryer on can help keep their mind off the noise of the storm. Usually the anxiety goes up with the severity of the storm. Natural calming treats containing valarian may help. These have to be given at least an hour pior to the storm to have any effect. If the dog’s anxiety level is already so high that they have shut down on eating this won’t help. The most effective tool I’ve found is putting a snug coat on the dog. My lab had a neoprene vest for going in cold water. It is close fitting around the body and gives a secure feeling to the dog. I don’t recommend sedatives like acepromazine. They slow down muscle movements but don’t slow down brain activity. How much more anxiety could be caused by not being able to move but knowing a storm is bearing down on you and you can’t get away? This could make the anticipation of the next storm worse.

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