Phobia Workshop

Are you curious about phobias?

  • Do you want to know more about how phobias start, how different treatments work, and which method offers the best solution?
  • Do you have a close friend, or a family member who has a phobia – but you just don’t understand why they can’t snap out of it?
  • Have you tried therapy yourself, and it simply didn’t work?
  • Did you think that phobias can’t be cured, and you just have to live with it?
  • Do you have fears which stop you doing things, even if you don’t call it a phobia?
  • This workshop will answer your questions, and show you the variety of phobia cures that exist.

Who will benefit from this Workshop?

  • Friends or Family of a Phobia Sufferer
  • Phobia Sufferers Who Want to Know More About Treatment Methods
  • Health Professionals (e.g. dentists, doctors, surgeons, etc) Who Regularly Encounter Nervous Patients
  • Airline Staff Who See Nervous Passengers
  • People who regularly encounter the same type of phobic reaction and want to understand it
  • Anyone who wants to understand more about phobias
  • Anyone who wants to help reduce phobias

What Will I Learn?

  • Why Fear is So Important To Us – What F.E.A.R. Really Stands For!
  • The Difference Between Rational Fear and a Phobia – And Why It Matters
  • How A Phobia or an Irrational Fear is Formed
  • What Treatment Methods Exist – And How They Work
  • The Next Steps To Take To A Phobia-Free Life

  Clearly I have a service which I offer, but I will not restrict this workshop to just selling my services. There are too many people with phobias for me to handle everyone, and my methods might not suit everyone. This Workshop will give information for a number of phobia treatment methods, not just mine. It is my fervent wish that as many people as possible rid their lives of phobias, by whatever method they choose.

My Guarantees To You

  • There will be NO images of potentially phobic-responsive objects or situations – you will not be deliberately subjected to your phobia at this workshop.
  • You will NOT be required to join anything, sign up to treatment, or make any additional purchase.
  • IF (and only if, there’s no pressure) you decide to book a treatment within 30 days of attending the Workshop, the Workshop costs will be deducted from your treatment fee.
  • Attendees using the Severn Bridge to attend will have £6 taken off the cost of the Workshop – it’s not your fault there’s a bit of water between England and Wales! (simply present your Bridge toll receipt on arrival).

Phobia Workshop Training | Training In Understanding and Treating Phobias