Questions About Phobia Treatment Methods

John asks…

Studing Phobias, Can you help?

I have to answer these questions:
1. What causes a phobia?
2. What causes someone to have a phobia?
3. What are the signs of someone who has a phobia?
4. Who will diagnose Phobias and how will it be done?
5. What age group is more likely to be diagnosed with phobias?
6. What gender is diagnosed with more phobias?
7. What is the up to date statistic of phobias in the U.S.?
8. what are the treatment methods for phobias?
9. What are the most common Phobias?


admin answers:

1. Negative trigger experience
2. Same as #1
3. They react in a negative fashion towards the phobic stimulus.
4. Doctor, questions the individual and records reactions. Can be self-diagnosed.
5. Young children pick up irrational fears, however they largely grow out of them over time. Where they persist into adulthood and become a problem is when they are most noticeable.
6. Varies according to phobia – and the research source.
7. Not sure I can answer this question the way it’s phrased, sorry.
8. I could write them all here, but instead I’ll send you to my other site that details them more –
9. Heights, dark, spiders, snakes, dogs, water, weather conditions.

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